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If you are looking for an opportunity to study abroad then this article will be of help to you.

Now, this is a list of scholarships available in Cyprus universities. And this package includes the best national and international scholarships, fellowships, college, and university grants, free tuition fees.

This opportunity is open to developing countries and most of them are fully funded scholarships to study in Cyprus. Don’t miss out!!.

Cyprus is geographically located in Asia but it is an European country and also a member of the EU. Also, it can be found in the south of Turkey on an island in the Mediterranean sea after Sardinia. it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea.

if you want to study in a conducive environment where you also meet new people and experience new cultures, then Cyprus is right for you as there are more than 63,000 university students from different countries in the twelve major universities of Cyprus.

Below are some of the scholarships available in Cyprus:

1) Cyprus Institute Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship for Doctoral Studies:

This prestigious institution offers Dean’s Distinguished Scholarships to international students to pursue doctoral degree (Ph.D.) studies. The institute provides opportunities for scholarships in areas like -Energy, Environment and Atmospheric Sciences, Computational Sciences Science and Technology in Cultural Heritage.

2) Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarships:

The Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) is a non-profit international business school established in 1990 by a group of business leaders and a team of prominent academics representing some of the world’s top business schools.

The Cyprus International Institute of Management offers seven full scholarships worth € 82,000 and 50 partial scholarships. These scholarships are open to both Cyprus and international students for pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The scholarships are aimed at helping prospective students study in internationally recognized programs at CIIM, at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate level.

Online application date will be made available on the official website once the date for applications is released. Always check their official website for further information:

3) Ph.D. Scholarships in Computational Sciences at Cyprus Institute:

The Computational Sciences Doctoral program educates potential scholars in mathematical modeling and in computational methods and techniques that are relevant for solving complex scientific and engineering problems, as well as in the management and visualization of complex data sets.

The Cyprus Institute offers two scholarships for candidates interested in enrolling for Ph.D. program in Computational Sciences Co-funded by the EU H2022 VI-SEEM Project. Candidates that are successful will have the opportunity to study at The Cyprus Institute, applying their research towards the activities of the EU H2022 VI-SEEM project.

4) UCLan BSc Mathematics Scholarship At British University Of Cyprus:

The UCLan Cyprus is calling for applications for up to ten scholarships for the BSc (Hons) Mathematics Programme, and this will cover your first year of studies at the British University of Cyprus.

The BSc (Hons) Mathematics degree program is an all-3ncompassing study that covers topics across the whole range of mathematical disciplines. The program improves students’ communication skills, among which is how to deliver oral presentations and design conference-style posters.

5) IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies:

IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies is a Full Funding international scholarship which is provided by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) for international students. The scholarship is also open to citizens of Singapore.

This PhD scholarship can be taken for pursuing studies in Research related to Singapore’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) sector. Beneficiaries of the scholarship receive $100,000 monthly which is the value of the scholarship and this includes tuition + monthly stipend. Interested students in Singapore and many other countries can have access to this scholarship. You can click HERE to see the application letter.

6) Royal Society International Exchange Programme

Royal Society International Exchange Programme, is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by The Royal Society for international students.

This Post Doc scholarship is available for those pursuing studies in Natural Sciences. The scholarship covers Travel allowances + Research expenditure. This opportunity is open to interested students in the UK and other overseas institutions.



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