Top 10 Scholarships in Canada for International Students


Canada is one of the destinations many international students always desire for their studies. This is based on the top quality education offered by schools in that country and the wonderful living condition of international students in that country. Canada is a well developed society and a nice place to study as an international student. If you are looking for a scholarship in Canada as an international student this is the right article for you. This article provides a list of top Canadian scholarships for international students. Here you will find ongoing scholarships in Canada for international students, especially students in  developing countries.

These scholarships are either fully funded or partly funded for both post-graduate and undergraduate studies by the Canadian government or by personal institutions in Canada. Read about these scholarship opportunities careful and you will stand a chance of writing a good application letter to win the scholarship you apply for.

 1. Simon Fraser University (SFU) Undergraduate Scholars Entrance


Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a great destination for international students to get quality education. This is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada which has three campuses located at Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver. This university offers undergraduate scholarship for a bachelor’s degree for those interested all disciplines or subjects offered by the University. The deadline for submission of application letter varies, so you have to closely monitor the scholarship website to know the deadline for the course you are applying for.

Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada provides this scholarship and the value covers tuition fees, the primary Semester, and may be extended. The scholarship is open to all nationals.

The Requirements: Those interested in applying for Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship must hold a suggestion letter for the undergraduate programme at their University.Also, students applying for Undergraduate Scholarship must have a 90% percentage in their 12th or equivalent which is required by them to receive a suggestion letter. Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply for the undergraduate scholarship.

To apply for this scholarship you can click HERE

2. The University of Alberta Scholarship For Research Students.

The University of Alberta is also called the U of A or UAlberta. It is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which was founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the primary premier of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, the university’s first president. The university offers a Postgraduate Scholarship for both international and national students.

The Requirements: Those interested in applying for the University of Alberta Scholarship for Research Students have to meet certain criteria to be eligible. The applicants must be a responsible student (ideally a NUFS graduate) who is very curious about the project and should have a GPA of 3.7 or higher.

This is a fully funded scholarship which any international student can apply for. To apply you can click HERE for more information.

3. University of Manitoba Undergraduate Bursary For International


The University of Manitoba is a non-denominational, public research university which is situated within the province of Manitoba, Canada. This is the largest university which is consistently ranked among the highest in Canadian Universities. The undergraduate Student Bursary is funded by the University of Manitoba for an academic year. College students around the globe can apply for this opportunity.

The Requirements: If you want to apply for this scholarship you must be eligible for it. So you must register for and complete a minimum of 60 percent of a full course load per term. You must meet the minimum G.P.A. requirements before you can apply for the scholarship and this means you must have a minimum degree G.P.A. of 2.0. You should have a grade 12 average of 70% or higher.

If you are an international students in the first year of post-secondary study in Canada you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

There are documents required for you to apply for this scholarship. They are as follows; Every undergraduate student interested in this scholarship must register and complete a minimum of 60 percent of a full course load over the regular school term with registration in both the autumn and winter terms. There are a couple of bursaries offered for part-time students registered in both the autumn and Winter Terms. For graduate students, they don’t need to adhere to semester hour minimums but they MUST be registered full-time students over the autumn and Winter Terms with the school of Graduate Studies. Continuing University of Manitoba students must meet a GPA requirement of a minimum cumulative GPA of  2.0. If you are a new students interested in the scholarship you must have a grade 12 average of 70 percent or higher.

Note that international students in their first year of post-secondary study in Canada are not qualified to be part of the overall bursary program. You have to clearly state the financial needs that made you to look for funding for your studies. Students who have applied for state student aid/loans from other provinces must provide a replica of a current government loan assessment to support their declaration of monetary need.

The value of University of Manitoba Undergraduate Bursary for international students is worth up to $240,000. This is what is offered annually to beneficiaries of the scholarship and this is to be shard among eligible candidates based on their needs. You can click HERE to apply for the scholarship.

4. University of British Columbia Rio Tinto Graduate Scholarship


The University of British Columbia is another very good destination for foreign students. This university which was established in 1908 is public research university which has campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia. The University of British Columbia ranks among the highest three universities in Canada. The university offers an $18,000 graduate scholarship for a UBC graduate student and this is offered during a field of pure or engineering associated with Rio Tinto’s activities in mining.

The Requirements: To be qualified to apply for this scholarship you must be enrolled or accepted during a first-year Master’s or first or second-year Doctoral studies during the school year you are seeking the scholarship. Those who have received the scholarship in the past should not apply again because they are no longer eligible to do so. Interested students can submit applications in any of these areas: Aluminum metallurgy, Electrolysis of molten salts, Hydrometallurgy, Science of the environment, Analytical technologies, Modeling and control systems, and Data Science.

This scholarship is worth up to $18,000. You can click HERE to apply.

5. University of Toronto International Admission Scholarships

The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which was founded by charter in 1827. The university offers annual awards 4,000 beneficiaries who are incoming domestic and international students.

The Requirements: To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be International students. They must have applied to the University of Toronto and they must speak English language fluently. They should meet the university’s admission requirements on the admission requirements page.

The scholarship awards and cut-offs are not the same for all programmes. They vary according to division, faculty, and college. You can visit the school’s website to get more information about this scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship you can click HERE.


6. University of Ottawa President’s Scholarship for International Students

The University of Ottawa which is also called U of O is a bilingual public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is the largest English-French bilingual university in the world. Over 35,000 undergraduate and over 6,000 post-graduate students enroll to study in this school every academic year. The President’s Scholarship is among the foremost prestigious scholarships which the university makes available to interested persons. This scholarship targets newly admitted international students whose work and commitment reflects the University of Ottawa’s objectives.

The Requirements: For you to be eligible for this scholarship you MUST be an international student who has a student visa and you have to be admitted to an undergraduate program. You have to be registered full-time during a direct-entry faculty or the integrated program offered with a direct-entry faculty. You have to meet the minimum admission average of 92%. You should also show leadership qualities and commitment to academic and extracurricular activities.

The value of this scholarship is $30,000 ($7,500 per year) for the duration of the programme.

This scholarship is renewable if the beneficiary meets the renewal criteria

Interested applications must apply through Online Scholarships and Bursaries and you can access this platform by clicking HERE.

7. University of Guelph Commonwealth Undergraduate Scholarships for

Developing Countries

This is a comprehensive public research university in Guelph, Ontario, Canada which was established in 1964 after the amalgamation of Ontario Agricultural College, the MacDonald Institute, and therefore the Ontario Veterinary College. This is a very large university which offers 94 undergraduate degrees, 48 graduate programs, and 6 associate degrees in various disciplines.

University of Guelph offers undergraduate Commonwealth Scholarship for college kids from developing nations to study in Canada. Beneficiaries receive an award of $1,500 as value of the scholarship.

The Requirements: Applicants must be full-time visiting exchange students who are registered for a minimum of one semester from a Commonwealth developing country. They should be students carrying out studies or conducting research within the area of agriculture and rural development.

To be selected for the programme you have to provide a one-page letter explaining the importance for the scholar visiting Guelph to the program of study at the partner exchange University. You should also provide references from to faculties just about one page each. You also need to have consistent high performance in course work completed, and this evidence should be in a transcript of program grades so far.

To to apply for the scholarship you can click HERE.

8. University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for International


The University of Winnipeg is a public research university located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It offers 53 entrance scholarships for international students who will be joining The University of Winnipeg for the primary time. The scholarship is offered to international students joining any of the University’s divisions for the primary time – Undergraduate, Graduate, Collegiate, PACE, or ELP.

A qualifying year or Pre-Masters students do not qualify.

The Requirements: To be eligible for this scholarship applicants must have a minimum 80% admission average or its equivalent. You have to be an international student entering the primary year of any program and you have to show exceptional leadership qualities. You also have to submit an entire admission application by the scholarship deadline date.

The scholarship value is worth $5,000. The following documents should be submitted for Application: A completed form, One 250-500 word personal statement, A CV, and Two references that can talk about your extra-curricular/volunteer activities. You can apply for this scholarship by clocking HERE.

You can send your complete application, and other required documents, in one PDF document to

9. Africa Continent Scholarship at Niagara College, Canada

The Niagara College, Canada offers a $2,000 study cost to selected students who want to pursue a degree program at the Institution. This unique quality of this university is that it ensures that its graduates are placed in the best companies and that these graduates get to do their dream jobs. The deadline for the application is not yet fixed so you need to monitor the university website closely to take note of when to submit your application form. Thus is an undergraduate scholarship for African students.

The Requirements: To be eligible for this scholarship you must be a resident of any African country and you must be enrolled or accepted in the programme you are interested in which is offered in the college. As an applicant you must provide ACT or SAT scores to get admitted to any undergraduate degree programmes and GRE or GMAT scores for the graduate degree programmes. Applicants must attain minimum required scores on the following English language proficiency tests: TOEFL IBT – 79, and IELTS – 6.5.

For you to apply you have to log in to the university portal to get more information and complete the application process.

As an applicant you must fill out the application form for the opportunity and send it via mail to

To get more information on this you can visit the Official Website of the institution by clicking HERE.

10. Quest University Presidential Scholarships for International

Undergraduate Students

This is another good destination for foreign students. Quest university offers scholarships to students whose applications show they could make extraordinary contributions to Quest and beyond. Applicants should submit applications to on SquareOne, Quest’s application portal. You will receive login information for SquareOne after submitting their Quest Application or Common Application. You must make sure you submit the scholarship applications before the deadlines given by the scholarship. It is always good to submit your application letter before March1 because priority is given to applications submitted by then.

Quest University offers various scholarships you can apply for. They are i. Presidential Scholarships which is worth be from $2,000 to $8,000v per year.

1. Canadian Academic Performance Scholarship which is worth $10,000 a year.

2.  LEAP Scholarship (Presidential) which is worth $5,000 a year.

3. Gap Year Scholarships (Presidential) which is worth $5,000 a year. Click HERE to check this scholarship.

4. UWC Scholarship (Presidential) which is worth $5,000 a year. Click HERE to check this scholarship.

The scholarships offered by Quest university are awarded upon entrance and these scholarships are renewable provided the continuing student meets eligibility criteria for the specific scholarship they applied for each year.

You have to apply for this scholarships before beginning of your study at Quest. If you have already begun your studies at Quest this scholarships will not be awarded to you.

Visit the official scholarship website of Quest for more information about all the scholarships thy offer. You can click HERE to se their official website.








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