How You Can Apply to International Universities and Study Abroad For Free

How You Can Apply to International Universities and Study Abroad For Free

There are several scholarship opportunities for international students to study abroad for free through scholarships. Probably you have been trying for long to get opportunity for fully funded scholarship to study abroad but you feel it’s not working out, what you may not have done is to understand how to apply for such opportunities and be certain to win them. This why this article could be useful to you as it provides a simple, easy to understand approach to applying for international scholarships to study abroad.

Oftentimes people seek to study abroad because of the top quality of education and multi-cultural environment in many of the countries which accommodate international students. Tuition fees often pose a huge barrier for those who wish to achieve such dreams if studying abroad. Read this article carefully and earn how to apply to international universities for scholarship to study for free.

Simple Steps on How You Can Apply to International Universities

You need to put in a lot of time in applying to an international university because it is not an easy or quick-fix process at all. You need to understand the entire application process and procedure so you can follow it step-by-step. Here’s what you should know while applying to International Universities

When to Apply

It is always good to apply early. This is because you stand a better chance of being organized and well prepared while writing the application. Applying early will also help you to meet the strict application deadlines for various programs the universities you are applying to. A lot of them have annual deadlines for specific scholarships. For instance, the University of Cambridge has deadline for its undergraduate programs and this usually falls mainly around October of every following year since it is an annual scholarship. When you apply very early especially in advance you get the time to complete your application and process your visa if you get the admission you applied for.

The number of schools to apply to 

You are always advised to apply for more than one school so you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In fact, apply to as many schools as possible provided you are eligible for such scholarships. Just make sure you have a very good application and you followed exactly the procedure required in writing the application. You should also consider applying for opportunities in low-competitive schools since they have less competition which gives you better chances of winning the application. So even as you apply to very competitive schools also consider applying in low competitive schools too.

Where to apply

This has to do with the schools you should apply to and it is often a personal issue. Deciding on which schools and countries to apply to is very essential. You wouldn’t want to apply to study in a place you will find difficult to adapt to their life style or where the living condition is high, in case you only get a partially funded opportunity. In order to consider where to apply to, you have to consider such factors as tuition and living fee, career opportunities and prospects, safety, and well-being, including the possibility of staying back in that country after your studies. You also have to consider your kind of lifestyle. For a person who likes to party, socialize and make friends, including your choice of sports and love for culture and exploring the city, you might have to consider all these before deciding where to go and study.

The requirements for admission into a university abroad

You need to know the requirements for the specific university you are applying to. This is because every university has its admission requirements and standards which you have to follow. Before you apply for an undergraduate program in any university you have to present proof that you completed all levels at high school with at least the minimum grade required to go for further studies.

International students from a non-English speaking country who wish to study in English-speaking countries will need to show proficiency in English language by taking an English test like TOEFL or IELTS.

The documents you need to submit when you apply

You have to present the required documents to stand the chance of winning a scholarship. No fixed list of documents is required when applying to an international student. Universities have their own specific requirements. In general, there are common documents which almost all universities require international students to provide. They are as follows; Passport photos; Statement of Purpose; CV/resume; Letter of recommendation; Certificate and academic transcript of your high school education;  and Proof of your English language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS Certificate). You have to make these documents available so that you stand the chance of being considered for the scholarship.

How to Apply to an International University in the U.S.A

Many international students wish to study in American Universities because they are among the most sought-after institutions for tertiary education. The quality of tertiary education in America is not in doubt and six of the world’s leading higher institutions of learning are U.S. universities. You can apply to study in American universities if that is your dream.

Why international students like to study in the U.S.A

There are reasons why United States of America is a popular destination for international students. Among the reasons why American universities are popular destinations by international students are that U.S universities have a multi-diverse environment and this encourages learning and personal development; American Universities offer an excellent guide system and top-notch support facilities; and U.S degrees give you a hedge in the labor market due to the quality of education in that country.

Choosing the right U.S University

You need to follow some tips before choosing the right university to study in the US. These tips are as follows; Don’t just apply to only one university but you should apply to about 4-6 universities to stand a high chance of being accepted; Make sure you read all requirements for the program you are applying for as stated on the school’s official website. Note that some of these universities always require some tests such as GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, S.A.T.). Know which schools that require them and provide proof that you have taken such exams. Finally, make sure you have your proof of English language proficiency as this is required from students coming from a non-English speaking country.

Language Requirements for U.S University Applications

The primary language in the U.S. is English language so you need to show proof of proficiency in English language before applying to a U.S university. There are two standard tests for English language proficiency accepted in the U.S. and they are IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

Make sure you visit the university’s official website to get more information about the minimum score expected from each applicant.

Application deadlines for universities in the U.S

For people who wish to apply for an undergraduate degree in the U.S, you need to know that U.S universities always offer two different application deadlines. They are early admission and regular admission. If you want to apply for admission during the fall of 2022, then the deadline for early entry is between October and November 2021. If you want to apply for admission during the fall of 2022, then the deadline for regular entry is between February and March 2020. But note that this deadline could be different depending on the university and the program you are interested in applying for. Just pay attention to the website of the university to get details of their exact requirement and application deadline.


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