How You Can Win a Scholarship to Study in Australia

How You Can Win a Scholarship to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the most sought-after destinations for foreign students due to the top quality education offered in that country and the very conducive living condition there. The challenge that many people encounter is how to win the numerous scholarship opportunities offered to students who wish to study in Australia. Knowing the existing scholarships in Australia is one thing but understanding the tips on how you can win the scholarships is also very important. Here is an advice on how you can apply and win a scholarship to study in Australia.

Join in Community Life

It is not in all cases that academic merit or financial needs qualifies you to win a scholarship. There are times you win a scholarship just by being part of community service. You can be offered a scholarship when for instance, you participate in community service in community groups, clubs and sporting teams. Australian institutions sometimes search for students who are active in their community and express leadership skills that are impressive. What you do is you should make sure you mention any relevant activities you have done or you’re still doing, when writing your scholarship cover letter. Though you may be applying for academic or financial need scholarships, adding community participation to your cover letter can improve your chances of being considered for the scholarship.

Apply for Many Scholarship Opportunities

Australia has many scholarship opportunities for foreign students. Don’t just apply for one of them. Apply for as many as possible to increase your chances of winning one of them. You should not limit your search to only universities and other educational institutions. There are scholarships offered by residential colleges, the Australian Government, international organisations and government departments in your home country which you can apply for. University scholarships which are open to international students are often awarded by specific faculties (an example is the science faculty). This means you should be sure to enquire with your faculty so that you will be applying for a scholarship you are eligible for. Many of those scholarships are restricted to students entering particular courses who come from certain countries (Latin American students studying tourism or Indian students studying business). So check the scholarship details very well before applying.

Seek Help from Trustworthy Source While Writing Application

Scholarships are very competitive and the board in charge of such opportunities rates applicants based on the letters they wrote to seek the scholarship. You don’t want to make mistakes that would deny you the application even when you are well qualified for it. To ensure you present an application that is clear and error-free, you should ask a trustworthy source who is fluent in English or someone who has applied for such scholarship in the past and succeeded, to assist you in reviewing your application. This can help you avoid common mistakes that have to do with spelling and grammar issues, lack of detail and poor presentation. These small things matter a lot when it has to do with competitive scholarship opportunities.

Study the criteria for the scholarship carefully

You need to be sure of what is required for any scholarship you are interested in before applying for it. Make sure you have submitted all that is required so as to stand a good chance of winning the scholarship. You should make sure you write and submit your application letter to beat the deadline. Endeavour to answer all questions you were asked with enough details to convince the board to select you for the scholarship. Don’t take the word limit for granted. If you are told to write not less than a particular number of words, follow that instruction. Also provide supporting documentation you may be required to provide. Such supporting documents could be a personal statement, letter of offer, your employment history, references or proof of your proficiency in English language. Don’t forget to check out for documents that may need to be certified or translated. Where there is need for you to ask questions about your application, just get clarifications from the scholarship provider before submitting your application letter in order to make sure you are submitting a letter that followed the correct procedure.

Finally, you can achieve your dream of studying in Australia by being very careful with your application letter and making sure that the right documents are provided. Follow the instructions in applying for the scholarship and you stand greater chances of winning it.


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