International Scholarships to Study in Latin America

International Scholarships to Study in Latin America

There are several high ranking universities in Latin America that offer scholarships to international students in diverse disciplines. All you need is to find out which schools offer these opportunities and understand the procedure for application.

One of the major advantages of studying in Latin America is that tuition fees and living costs are generally lower in this part of the world when compared to what obtains in North American countries especially the US. International students have opportunity to study in South America though they might need a little extra funding to assist in their studies.

Here we provide scholarship and funding opportunities for students who wish to study in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina or in some other places in the Latin American region. Some of these scholarships are offered by government, while some others are provided by individual universities or external organizations. These opportunities are open to students who wish to enroll in degrees at all levels of study.

Scholarship Grants in Latin America

  • CIEE Bowman Travel Grants  – This is a study abroad scholarship opportunity for students who want to study in Latin America, Africa, the Asia-Pacific or the Caribbean. This scholarship is offered based on financial need of beneficiaries.
  • EUREKA SD Partnership – This is a bilateral short-term scholarship for European students interested in studying in Latin America. This is part of the EU’s student mobility initiative, Erasmus Mundus (now Erasmus+).
  • Roberto Rocca Education Program – These are international scholarships offered to those who want to study undergraduate engineering and science programs in Latin America. Those eligible to apply for this scholarship are residents of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania, the UK, Uruguay and the US.

Scholarships to study in Argentina

There are organizations and universities in Argentina that offer scholarship to international students. Top among such opportunities are as follows;

Scholarships to study in Brazil

Scholarships to study in Chile

  • Chilean Nelson Mandela Scholarship – This is a study abroad scholarship opportunity for South African students (including Angola and Mozambique) who want to study Masters degree programmes in selected institutions in Chile. Students have to apply for any of the preferred subjects among which are astronomy, agriculture, energy, public policy, management, health, environment and mining.
  • CONICYT National Doctoral Scholarship – This opportunity offers PhD scholarships for international students who are searching for funding to study Ph.D degree courses in Chilel.
  • CONICYT National Master Scholarship – This is a graduate scholarship opportunity to study Masters degree programme in Chile. Check back to for details of when to apply for this opportunity.
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) – This provides scholarships for interested students to study at this university in Chile.

Scholarships to study in Mexico

  • Boren Scholarships – This provides study abroad scholarship opportunities for US students interested in working for the US federal government after graduation. It offers opportunity for such persons to study in Latin America, Africa, Asia and other countries critical to US interests.
  • British Academy Newton Mobility Grants – These are exchange programs for postdoctoral students from UK and partner countries who wish to carry out research in partner nations, including Mexico.
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey scholarships – This opportunity offers a range of scholarships for students to study at Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM). This includes the Socioeconomic Scholarship for students that have a grade average of 85/100 who require financial aid for their studies.
  • UNAM postgraduate scholarships – This are scholarship opportunities for international students who wish to study masters and doctoral degrees at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), The scholarship offers monthly maintenance grants to beneficiaries.
  • Mexican Government Scholarships – This is government scholarship for students to study in Mexico. The scholarship is available to all foreign students that want to embark on masters, doctoral or postgraduate research programs in institutions selected for the scholarship program.
  • Rainforest Alliance Kleinhans Fellowships – This provides PhD scholarships for master’s degree holders in selected fields such as forestry, ecology, botany, environmental science or related fields. The scholarship is for students who wish to conduct doctoral/postdoctoral research in Mexico or other Latin American countries.

Scholarships to study elsewhere in Latin America

  • IFCO Full Scholarship Program – This opportunity is a study abroad scholarship for US students who would like to study medicine in Cuba. This degree is taught in Spanish.
  • MasterCard Foundation Scholarships – This scholarship opportunity is for African, Latin American and Caribbean students who would like to study in Costa Rica.
  • Universidad de Costa Rica Scholarships – This is a socioeconomic grant available for students with limited financial resources but have academic prospect.
  • Wells Mountain Foundation ­­­– This programme offers international scholarship to students from developing countries who want to study at home or in a recognized institution in another developing country.


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