Ongoing Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study in Nigeria

Ongoing Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study in Nigeria

There are opportunities for any Nigerian who wants to study in Nigeria to do so for free through scholarship opportunity. These scholarships are competitive and they are for Nigerians who want to study in their country. For those who are looking for scholarships for Nigerians, this article could be very useful. Research evidence reveals that there exist over 500 Nigerian Scholarship opportunities for Undergraduates, Masters, and PhD programmes.

The scholarship opportunities for Nigerians come in two major categories;

  1. Ongoing scholarships in Nigeria for undergraduates, masters, and PhD for Nigerian students
  2. And International scholarships for Nigerians

Sources of these scholarships include, but not limited to:

  1. Federal Government scholarships for Nigerian students
  2. State Government scholarships for Nigerian students
  3. Oil companies scholarships for Nigerian students
  4. And other sources of scholarships

Here is a list of ongoing and other available scholarship opportunities which Nigerian students can apply for. This list includes available international scholarship opportunities for Nigerian Students.

Top Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study in Nigeria

  1. NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarships
  2. KPMG Nigeria University Scholarship Program
  3. NNPC/SNEPCo National University Scholarship
  4. NITDA Postgraduate Scholarships
  5. Oando Graduate Accelerated Programme
  6. NNPC/Eroton JV Undergraduate Scholarships

Many of these scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students are fully funded for beneficiaries and they cover the awardees’ tuition until they are done with their undergraduate programs.

Top International Scholarships for Nigerian Students

  1. Uk scholarships for Nigerian students
  2. American Fulbright Student/Scholars Program for Nigerians
  3. Japanese Government Scholarships for Undergraduate, Research & Masters Nigerian Students
  4. DAAD In-Country / In-Regions Scholarship for Sub-Saharan African Students
  5. Now Open: Nigeria LNG (NLNG) Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Students
  6. Postgraduate Scholarships for Ghanaian and Nigerian Students in UK
  7. Free International Scholarships For Nigerian Students: Nigeria Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarships – Uk
  8. Scholarships for Nigerian Students To Study Abroad: Singapore Scholarships for Nigerian Students
  9. The study in China: Chinese Government/African Union Scholarship for Nigerian Students
  10. Global Ambassadors Program for Young Leaders in Nigeria
  11. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program 2019 for Nigerian Students
  12. Study Abroad: Singapore Scholarships for Nigerian Students
  13. The University of Dundee Postgraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Students
  14. University of Dundee Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PDF) Scholarship for Nigerian Students.

Other Opportunities Available for Nigerians

There are some other opportunities Nigerians can apply for in other to get funding for various studies.

The Platform Young Professionals Bootcamp (YPB) 2022 for Young Nigerians

Applications are currently being accepted by Young Professionals for the 2022 Bootcamp. This is for young Nigerians between the ages 20 to 25 who have shown strong leadership potential and are looking to build successful careers in Business, Corporate Employment.

International Breweries Global Management Trainee Program 2022 for Young leaders

This is an internship programme offered by International Breweries Global Management. It is a Trainee Program for Young leaders.

Leventis Fellowship 2023 for Nigerian Academics at SOAS, University of London

This opportunity is offered by the Centre of African Studies of the University of London UK. Interested Nigerian academics can apply to be part of this scheme of collaborative research funded by the Leventis Foundation.

Kaduna State Foreign & Local Scholarships 2022 for Students – Nigeria

These opportunities are provided by the Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board. The aim is to identify, select and empower eligible citizens of Kaduna State to excel in various endeavors.

BeyGOOD Global Citizen Fellowship Program 2022 for Young Africans (Fully-funded)

This is a fully funded opportunity for Africans. It is offered by BeyGOOD, the Global Citizen Fellowship Program and it intends to promote African youth who have remarkable potentials. The scholarship offers 15 young people with a paid, year-long fellowship.


You can start now to apply for these scholarships. You have to make sure to go to their websites to apply for the opportunities. Almost all of them are annual scholarships so even if the deadline has passed just get ready for the next year and monitor closely to know when they that asking for submission of applications again.


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