European Countries That Offer Tuition-Free Education

European Countries That Offer Tuition-Free Education

If you want to study in Europe and you don’t have the money to do so you can actually apply to study in schools where that offer tuition free studies to international students. Some European countries do not request for tuition fees from European citizens. One of such countries is Norway. Czech Republic gives free education to interested persons from different parts of the world. Don’t forget that in schools that offer free tuition fees you are expected to pay for housing, health insurance, and other expenses. But getting tuition free opportunity is also a good thing because it makes the expenses a bit affordable. So let’s look at countries in Europe where you can get schools that offer tuition free education.

Education in Norway

Norway is one of the most popular destinations for international students. This country has some fascinating environments, cultures, and social education systems, including impressive postgraduate records in terms of education. In Norway you can get one of the few universities globally that doesn’t charge any fees to its students despite their nationality. People from across different cultures and religions are welcome in this diverse, multi-cultural environment.

Education in Denmark

Education in Denmark is offered free for students from E.U., EEA, and Switzerland. Other students from outside these places mentioned earlier pay fees when applying to any university in Denmark. As a student from E.U., EEA, and Switzerland, to take full advantage of the free tuition-free, you must have the following; Permanent Residence Permit; Temporary Residence Permit.

Education in Sweden

You can get very good education in Sweden and the cost of living in this country is fair though this depends on where you are based. If you stay in a place like Stockholm it means you will spend a lot of money. You can stay in a small city in order to save money and leave according to what you can afford. Education in Sweden is specifically accessible to students from E.U., EEA, and Switzerland.

Education in Poland

Polish citizens get free education in Poland. For you to study for free in Poland, you must pass the polish entrance exam. This also includes studying a course taught in polish and this is mandatory as a student.

Students from European countries are given tuition free education in Polish universities. Also, the cost of living in Poland is affordable and accessible, though this depends on the location you choose to reside. It is advised to budget about PLN 25000 per month to take care of your living cost. Students from EU/EEA countries are permitted to take up part-time jobs to take care of extra costs. But a student from any other part of the world requires a work permit before you work

Education in the Czech Republic

Based on law, higher education at public and state institutions is free for citizens of all nationalities. It is also worthy to note that living in the Czech Republic is affordable. You will be spending on the average about 350 to 750 USD monthly, and this includes feeding, accommodation, transportation, and culture.

Education in Austria

Austria universities offer free education to students from European countries. But whereby you are not able to complete your program within two semesters, you will be charged 363.63 euros per term. No matter your nationality, every student must pay 19.20 euros per semester for student union membership. Austria is a good place to get university education due to top quality education system in that country.

Education in Belgium

In Belgium the Universities charge a minimal fee of around 900 euros per year. One good feature of Belgium is that it has a multi-diverse and multilingual culture that promotes an excellent education and work-life balance. You will surely enjoy your stay in Belgium during your studies.


You now know some universities n Europe that offer tuition free education to European students and those that offer the same opportunity to international students. It is important to note that the facts presented here basically apply to public institutions. The fees paid in private schools might be higher than what obtains in public institutions.



If you have a dream of studying abroad but you don’t have the funding to do so you can actually get a fully funded scholarship to achieve this dream. It could be that you want to study in top flight international universities around the world but your financial constraint is looks like it is making that impossible. Don’t worry, you can still achieve that dream if you can get any of the well-known scholarships for students who are willing to study abroad. Here is a list of some of such opportunities you can grab and achieve your dream to study abroad.

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants

The rotary foundation scholarship makes available finance for a research degree for duration of 1-4 years. Those who win this scholarship also enjoy free tuition, accommodation, accessible transport, visa processing, and free school supplies.

Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships

Students from less privileged countries are encouraged through this scholarship to further their educational pursuit at a preferred university all over the world.  This Scholarship takes care of tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, including monthly living allowance

O.F.I.D. Scholarship

The full meaning of O.F.I.D is OPEC fund for International Development. This is a fully-funded scholarship opportunity given to qualified candidates interested in obtaining a master’s degree from any university worldwide. The scholarship is worth about $50,000, and this includes tuition, living expenses, housing, Insurance, and travel costs

A.D.B. Japan Scholarship Program

Students from A.D.B. countries get the opportunity to acquire degree programs in economics, management, science, and technology through. The A.D.B. scholarship takes care of tuition fees, monthly allowance, housing allowance, health insurance, and transport costs.

The U.S.A. Fulbright foreign Scholarship 

This is an opportunity for young professionals and international students to study and conduct research in the U.S. On average, over 4000 international students get this Scholarship every year.

Among the benefits enjoyed by those who win this scholarship are health insurance, airfare, living stipends, and free tuition.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The commonwealth scholarship offers over 900 scholarships to citizens of commonwealth countries annually. The essence of these scholarships is to achieve the U.K. goal which is to promote excellence in U.K. higher education. The scholarships are awarded based on merit so you need to convince the board awarding the scholarship that you deserve it more than other applicants. This scholarship is financed by the international development ministry and the business, energy, and industrial strategy department.

DAAD Scholarships in Germany

DAAD Scholarship is offered by German academic exchange service to international students. This is basically for students interested in enrolling for a postgraduate degree in any German university.

Those who successfully get this Scholarship are given a monthly payment of 750 euros and free health insurance, including travel allowance. The duration of this scholarship is one year in an undergraduate program and three years for a master’s program.

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