How To Write A Scholarship Application Letter

How To Write A Scholarship Application Letter

Having the ambition to study abroad is one of the most common dreams of students across the world. Being able to write a good application letter for a particular scholarship programme is a difficult task for many. Every day you interested students search online for schools abroad offering scholarships.

One of the major stumbling blocks students face while trying to achieve their dream of studying abroad is financial constraint which is often as a result of the high tuition of their chosen school. Fortunately, most universities, colleges, and organizations offer various scholarships to eligible students to help them financially. This is why many students always surf the internet in search of scholarship programmes they can win in order to study abroad. When they get the scholarship they are interested in, writing a good scholarship application letter becomes a challenge. This article could help you on how to write a winning scholarship application letter.

A scholarship application letter is an important, strategic, and highly helpful document that provides the platform for applicants to express themselves as well as deliver details about their capabilities and goals with a view to winning the scholarship.

One thing to note is that there are factors to be considered in ensuring that scholarship application is honored. Knowing about these factors and following the steps could be a step to you getting that study abroad opportunity.

Scholarship evaluation boards take lots of information into consideration in determining whether you are the right candidate for the scholarship or not. For instance, the decision on you receiving the scholarship is also dependent on other factors such as academic excellence: language skills, high grades, fair overall academic records, and skills or on economic factors: low income, etc. When you meet these other criteria, the certainty of you receiving a positive reply after writing an application letter for the scholarship is sure.

Most universities require you to write a scholarship essay about yourself, where you are expected to mention many significant things like the major reason you are applying for the scholarship program, and how the scholarship program will help you accomplish your career objectives. It is good you how to choose the right words to pen a good application letter.

What Scholarship Committees Require from Applicants

Scholarship committees or boards are saddled with the responsibility of selecting the best application letter among several others submitted for the same scholarship. You don’t just write a letter and submit. There are things these scholarship boards expect to see in your letter to convince them to give you the scholarship. They generally look for some or all of the following qualities in an applicant. So you have to make sure you consider these expectations in writing an application letter for a scholarship programme. They are as follows: Detailed information on the chosen field; Motivation and seriousness; Creativity and originality of the letter; Leadership skills and emotional stability; and Ability to get along with others and desire to succeed.

While writing your letter you can consider words that will express these qualities so as to convince the scholarship board to select and approve your own letter.

You should follow the tips given below line after line, in order to write a winning scholarship application letter.

Basic Steps in Writing A Scholarship Application Letter

Understanding how to write a scholarship application letter is very essential in getting it approved and eventually winning the scholarship. Take a look at these basic steps on how you can write a Scholarship Application Letter

Step One

You know the scholarship you are applying for is competitive so you have to clearly explain why you are the best one for the scholarship. Note that the scholarship application is an ideal opportunity for you to project your major strengths from both professional and educational perspectives.

You should also mention your plans for future career growth. This includes the reasons why you would be suitable for this scholarship and how it would benefit you if selected. It is very necessary you mentioned these points, along with examples where you can.

Step Two

There is every need to maintain a clear structure; write in a formal tone, along with the correct spelling and grammar. Unlike other applications, scholarship applications must follow the written guidelines such as the writings should be concise, clear, and in a formal tone.

It is also important that you do a double recheck for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Another best way to make sure you submit a successful scholarship application is to ask your peers or mentor to meticulously read it before sending it. This will undoubtedly minimize any accidental spelling or grammatical errors, and can also help you to weed out any irrelevant or redundant information from the application. Errors of any form have a way of reducing the chances of your application winning the scholarship especially if it is a competitive one.

Step Three

You should know who your audience is. This is considered the most important part of writing scholarship applications. The scholarship boards who are going through your application are seeking the best candidates. This means it is crucial to read the application carefully and write what the application requires. That’s how to convince the scholarship board, by making it clear you understand what is required.

It is also advisable to do a quick research on the scholarship programme you are applying for. Researching about it can give you some significant background regarding writing the applications. This will help you to choose the right words to convince the scholarship board.

Step Four

You should make sure you match your application to the context. As you might have already known there are various situations of scholarship applications in which you would be solicited to write.

For instance, you may be applying for admission to a university. Or you may be applying for the scholarship to lessen the tuition fees. It then means that if you’re writing the application for admission, then you should start a scholarship essay with a Formal address and greeting after which you write a short paragraph addressing your academic achievements and skills. In the following paragraph, you should explain the major reasons why you would require a scholarship for your studies.

In the third paragraph, you should mention how the course you are applying for will greatly avail you to achieve your objectives. Finally, close the applications with the formal farewell.

If the application is for a different purpose, for instance, you want to write the scholarship application requesting lessening the tuition fees, there are a few issues you should consider.

The introduction should be similar to the above example. However, in the second paragraph, you should mention your financial condition, and why you require the scholarship for the mitigation of tuition fees. In a third paragraph, you can explain the reason being studying at the institution and how the course would avail you in accomplishing your career objectives. This will make the application convincing enough to win the board’s approval.

Samples of Typical Scholarship Application Letter

#1 Scholarship Application Letter Sample

Sample cover letter for a grant application

Applicant’s name

Address of the applicant

City State Zip Code


Name of the person responsible for the scholarship committee.

Name of the award or institution.

Address of the institution

City State Zip Code

RE: Cover letter for the application [NAME of the exchange]

Dear name of the chair of the scholarship committee:

I submit this application for the [NAME of the scholarship] to continue my studies in environmental studies. I studied for two years on behalf of the university and I need financial help to get my degree in environmental science. I have been working part-time in a recycling center for two years and I want to work in the field of environmental sustainability. However, I need a degree to progress in this area.

During the last two years of high school, I volunteered at a waste management facility in the city and gained a lot of experience in the field. I won a creative management prize for the recycling of plastic water bottles. My goal is to work to have an impact on many environmental issues such as solar energy, wind energy, and waste management. One of the most profound experiences of my life was a trip I made to see the discarded island in the North Pacific Ocean.

If I am lucky enough to receive this scholarship, I will graduate to work in a company that promotes sustainable development in its professional ethics. My father died five years ago and I was able to pay my first two years in college with the insurance money, but my mother can no longer pay my tuition.

Thanks for reviewing my application. I have enclosed a letter of recommendation from my university adviser with the application form and the transcripts. I hope to hear from you soon. You can reach me at [555-123-4567] or [].


Signature of the applicant

The printed name of the applicant

#2 Scholarship Application Letter Sample

Pascal Greenwood

Student, Department of Political Science

Reach Town University,

Groove Ville, MA 01741

June 5, 2022

Ms. Jane Adam

Student Affairs Department

Reach Town University,

Groove Ville, MA 01741

RE: Scholarship Application

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am writing to submit my scholarship application for Reach Town University’s Financial Aid Program for fall 2022.  Presently, I am a first-year student of Microbiology program. In order to prove my diligence, I have enclosed copies of my academic accomplishments.

I am currently facing some financial difficulties; therefore, I am unable to pay my fee for the fall semester. I am planning to obtain a part-time job to manage the finances of my studies, but it would not be enough to cover the full tuition and accommodation fee. Based on my deprived financial condition, I request a student scholarship so that I would be able to continue my studies in anticipation of an improved financial situation.

If you have any questions regarding my application, please feel free to contact me anytime at (000) 999-0149. To follow up, I will contact your secretary next week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


John Doe

John Doe

Student ID: 69887

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